How To Earn Bells Fast In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most recent additions to the franchise and is playable on Nintendo Switch. You can get expansion packs for the game and there are a vast array of characters that you get to meet, live with, and make friends with.


One of the main currencies in the game is Bells, with which you can buy essential items and other various things in Nook’s Cranny (the shop), and clothes and accessories at the Tailor’s shop. But how do you earn Bells, and how can you do it quickly?


1) Shake trees.

Shaking trees can sometimes yield a coin, usually worth 100 Bells. This method is hit and miss as you often receive a stick, fruit of some kind, or sometimes a piece of furniture.


2) Hit rocks.

Striking rocks with an ax or shovel usually get you materials to craft items with such as iron, stones, clay, and gold, however once per day, one rock on the island will produce Bells instead. If you travel to another island within the game, there is a chance you will end up on ‘Money Rock Island’, where all rocks on that island give you Bells upon hitting them.


3) Sell produce.

Gather fruit, weeds, sticks, materials, and craft items to be sold at Nook’s Cranny for different prices. There are always ‘hot items’ too that are worth twice the usual amount and change every day.


4) Go fishing, fossil hunting, and bug catching.

Once you have a fishing rod and a net, go around the island and catch bugs and fish to sell to the shop. Fossils can also be sold once they have been appraised by the Museum and if they are a duplicate of one already donated. Try to donate any new species or specimens before selling them to complete the Museum faster!


5) Buy a wetsuit and go diving.

Buying a wetsuit from the shop allows you to go diving. There will be little bubbles indicating where a sea creature is, and you can dive to catch them. These sea creatures can be sold once the first of the species has been donated to the Museum. Some creatures fetch up to 15000 Bells each! You can also get pearls (worth 10000 Bells), and if you give a scallop to Pascal, he will usually gift you with either a recipe or a pearl.


6) Don’t use the drop-off box.

Finally, if you’re trying to earn as many Bells as possible, avoid using the drop-off box outside the shop. The box takes roughly 10% of your earnings from you as a fee and sends the Bells straight to the Bank of Nook to be dispensed the following day, meaning you cannot access any earnings until 5 am the next morning.


Hopefully, you have found these tips useful! Let us know in the comments what you think, and whether they worked for you!

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