How To Do A One Page Business Plan Outline


What will you sell?

Who will buy it?

How will your business idea help people?


What will you charge?

How will you get paid?

How else will you make money from this project?


how will customers learn about your business?

How can you encourage referrals?


the project will be successful when it’s successfully achieved your target metrics, several customers, annual net income, or other metrics you have selected.

Obstacles, challenges, open questions

specific concerns or questions

propose solutions to customers’ concerns or to whoever you are offering your services to

when will the project start

140 characters mission statement template

I help teachers, and only teachers, make wise choices with their money. Simple enough, right? (@davegrant82)

I help people and businesses achieve their peak by developing their habits. That pretty much encompasses everything I do. (@kkinnison)

My job is to automate the solution to people’s problems through software. (@luis_dep)

I help people make more money. Does that count? (@philip_morgan)

Notice what these short statements have in common—they are specific. Dave Grant helps only teachers make wise choices with their money. Kendra Kinnison unites her work around the importance of habits. Philip Morgan cuts to the chase: He helps people make more money.

You want to generate surprise and delight throughout your business, beginning with that first impression: “What do you do, exactly?” It’s not just about an elevator pitch; it’s about clearly knowing what you do and how it helps people.

When you have a clear and concise answer, it’s much easier to move to the next step: “Can I sign you up?” 

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