How To Do A Job Interview

Interviews are one of the scariest things for a new job seeker or somebody unemployed for an extended period.

It can be daunting and terrifying, so I hope this guide to a successful interview will help you succeed with your interviews going forward; so, let’s begin.

Remember, the interviewer is a person just like you, and they will not bite unless they have been asked to.


Something vital that you must remember when going into the interview is that your first interview may not be by the employer or managers responsible for recruiting and hiring.


The first person you will speak to will likely be an outsource recruiting organization. These people tend to be paid by commission, so they will try to fill a job quickly.


If you ace the phone call from the recruiting saucer and then have an interview with the recruiter, you will then go on to have a third interview either face-to-face in-person/ZOOM or in the offices.


During your interview on the phone, it is essential to stand up and maybe walk around the room to think on your feet.


One of the benefits of standing up whilst on a phone call is that it gives you more oxygen to breathe while standing up will also improve your speech.


I would also recommend smiling and thinking positively on the phone.


This is what is called phone selling.


This is a practice in the USA where people on the phone calls practice smiling and having a positive attitude because being happy and positive can lead to more successful calls.


The best way to think of this is to think of a time when you had a phone call with someone who was happy and somebody who was very unhappy and not interested. You will see a significant difference in your attitude and how you respond to the caller.


During your interview, it’s important to remember the job brief and the functions they are looking for in the job role.


It would help if you remembered that the interviewer does not care when you are born or what your dog is called.


They care about whether or not you have the education or experience to fill the job role. Should you meet the criteria, then you should be successful.


Also, it’s essential to keep in mind if you fail in the first hurdle, there will always be other interviews.


You cannot let yourself be crushed by negative thoughts.


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