How to Deal with Earthquakes

Natural disasters are events that we cannot avoid. Be it a flood, a volcanic eruption, or an earthquake. As one of the countries with an area where three tectonic plates meet, namely the Indo-Australian plate, the Eurasian plate, and the Pacific plate, Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes. The following is our way or attitude when facing an earthquake, based on BPBD Aceh:

1. When in the house

Don’t panic and don’t run outside, take cover under a table or a bed. If not, cover your head with a pillow or other object. Stay away from bookshelves, cupboards, and window panes. Watch out for ceilings that might collapse, objects hanging on the walls, and so on.

2. When outside the room

Stay away from tall buildings, walls, steep cliffs, power lines, power poles, billboards, tall trees, and so on. Try to reach an open area. Stay away from shelves and window panes.

3. When in a public room

Don’t panic and don’t run outside because it’s likely to be full of people. Stay away from objects that easily slip like shelves, cabinets, window panes, and so on.

4. When driving a vehicle

Stop immediately in the open. Do not stop over bridges or under overpasses/crosswalks.

5. If you are in a shopping center, cinema, and the ground floor of a mall

Do not cause panic or be a victim of panic. Follow all guidance from the staff or security.

6. When in the elevator

Do not use the elevator during an earthquake or fire. It is better to use the emergency stairs. If you feel earthquake vibrations while in the elevator, then press all the buttons. When the lift stops, get out, look to see if the situation is safe, and evacuate. If you are stuck in an elevator, contact the building manager using the interphone if available.

7. If you are on the train

Hold on tight to the pole so you don’t fall if the train is stopped suddenly. Be calm following the explanation from the train attendant. Misunderstanding the information of train or station staff will result in panic.

8. When you are in the mountains/beach

There is a possibility that a landslide occurred from the top of the mountain. Move away directly to a safe place. On the coast, the danger came from the tsunami. If you feel tremors and signs of a tsunami appear, quickly evacuate to high ground.

9. Give help

Because health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene, be prepared to provide first aid to those around you.

10. Evacuation

Refugee places are usually regulated by the local government. Evacuation is necessary if the fire spreads due to an earthquake. In principle, evacuation is carried out on foot under the control of police officers or government agencies.

11. Listen to the information

When the earthquake occurred, the community was hit psychologically. To prevent panic, it’s important that everyone stay calm and act according to the right information. You can get the correct information from the authorities, the police, or the PMK officer. Do not act because of unclear information.

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