How to Create Telegram Channel

What is Telegram channel?

A telegram channel is like a group in which multiple members can join but the conversation can be done in one way by the owner of the telegram whereas, in a telegram group, all multiple members can chat in a group.

After creating the telegram account, you can easily create your new telegram channel in which an unlimited number of people can join the particular telegram channel.

Step 1: First, Open the Telegram Application. 

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Step 2: On the initial Screen of the App, Click on the Pencil Icon, in the lower Right corner.

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Step 3: This will open a window with contact list and some options at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Select New Channel

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Step 5: Choose a name, cover photo and, write a short description about your channel. Then confirm using the button in the upper right corner.

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Step 6: Once that’s done, choose whether the channel will be private or public. Private channels can only be accessed via the invite link, while public channels are found in search and any user can join.

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Step 7: Set a permanent link to your channel. This will be the link used to access it, if it is private. Confirm again.

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Step 8: Next, the Telegram displays the list of contacts to be added to your channel. Users on a channel are called “Subscribers”. Choose whoever you want and proceed.

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Step 9: Channel is created. At the top of the screen the number of subscribers shown.

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Step 10: Messages sent on Telegram channels display a preview tag. To find out how many people saw your message, just look at the number next to the time it was sent.

Step 11: Ready! Now you know how to create a channel on Telegram.

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