How to convert a video to MP4

Step 1. Install the video converter to MP4.

Free MP4 Video Converter: Convert any video to MP4

Step 2: Run the setup file and follow the installation instructions appearing on screen.
Step 3: Start the program and import your video.

Step 5: Run Video Converter and click the Add Media button.
Step 6: Select Add Video to import the video to convert to MP4.
Step 7. Select the output format.

Step 8: Open the Video tab at the bottom of the window.
Step 9: Expand the MP4 category and choose one of the MP4.
Step 10. Compress your video.

Step 11: Click the file size value under the file name.
Step 12: Move the File size slider to set the desired value.
Step 13. Edit the video file.

Step 14: Click Apply to save the changes and hit Save and Close.
Step 15: Start converting your video to MP4.

Step 16. Transfer video to your mobile device.

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