How To Become A Self-Published Author

Anybody can now become an author of a published book; in 2018, 1.4 million printed self-published books; however, being able to publish a book and turn over a profit to build an independent lifestyle.

Living how you want to live and work in a profession that you enjoy and wish to continue developing is more complicated than publishing a book on Amazon self-publishing.

To become a successful author, whether that be through the independent route or a publishing house like Macmillan or Penguin books, requires that your book generates a significant profit.

Whether through a publisher or your independent platform, the publishing industry requires writers to have some basic marketing knowledge because books are not just competing with other publishing brands but independent booksellers.

Knowing Your Market    


should you start the journey of becoming an author, whether that be factual, fantasy, or other genres, it requires the development of knowledge of what is on sale in the marketplace. In this case, the book industry is currently hip and could potentially become a bestseller.

For example, thanks to George RR Martin’s a Song of Ice and Fire series.

The medieval fantasy genre is currently a hot topic, with people hungry for more of that material.

When selecting a book or hiring a talented individual to write your novel or non-fiction book, you will need a strategy to corner the market and generate successful sales.

Selling books according to Writer’s Digests.


Writers’ Digests have been helping authors and new writers get industry knowledge on publishing their books and articles through magazines, journals, and other forms of writing to build their portfolios and become financially independent authors.

In the book Writers Market 2022, created by Writers’ Digest, they argue that publishers require writers to have their online following to become published authors.

To get five figures in terms of cash payment, a writer will need between 15,000 to 20,000 followers online, and to earn a six-figure income, the writer will require 100,000 followers or above to be taken seriously.

These followers must be people willing to buy your products and continue promoting and following your brand.



Being a writer in the 21st-century with platforms like Amazon self-publishing and other platforms where you can publish your book means that publishing houses must now compete with small independents.

Due to this massive change in the publishing industry and increased competition to become a successful writer, you must also become a successful digital marketer by developing your brand.

If you are primarily a writer, you can use this opportunity as a writing challenge by using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote your brand.

There are the classic network events for professional networking and the following building.

There is also LinkedIn where you can link to other professionals in the publishing industry to become aware of your capabilities and brand.

In this brief article, there is much information to digest; it may be daunting or terrifying to realize that you cannot just write your craft and expect to be published as a writer.

Writers, unfortunately, unless you are George RR Martin, JK Rowling, or Stephen King, you cannot expect to have the same kind of success as the nature of publishing has changed.

This piece aims not to condemn but to give you the knowledge and equip you with the determination to keep on writing and develop.

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