How to be aware on upsetting climate news while maintaining good mental health, according to experts

It is understandable that news concerning the status of the globe, in especially the state of the environment, can occasionally be upsetting and scary.

According to an American Psychiatric Association survey conducted in late 2020, more than 60% of Americans reported feeling somewhat or extremely concerned about how climate change would affect the planet. With almost half worried about how climate change would affect their mental health.

The local news, podcasts, and even your social media feed all feature climate news.

How to Consume climate news with care?

Make a move – The best approach to carefully receive climate news, according to Salamon, the executive director of the Climate Emergency Fund and a clinical psychologist with a PhD, is to balance news intake with activity. She claims that taking action can serve as your own personal remedy for the suffering you’re experiencing.

If you don’t know where to begin, consider giving to groups like the Climate Emergency Fund that support climate activists.

Check the facts first – According to Patrick Kennedy-Williams, co-founder of Climate Psychologists, located in the U.K., and author of Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety, it can also be beneficial for your mental health to fact-check the news you come across before reacting, especially if you’re uncertain about its truth.

“Of course, anxiousness generates confusion. Thus, the more unsure we are about whether something is a myth or a fact, the more uneasy we feel since we are unsure of what to believe, according to Kennedy-Williams.

He advises visiting NASA’s website to double-check the news you read because the organization frequently dispels common fallacies for the general public.

Positive news might help you strike a balance – Additionally, as Kennedy-Williams has said, think about looking for upbeat climate news articles, particularly if you’re starting to lose hope in what’s occurring in the globe.

This past year, there were wildfires in the valley just across from where I live, and we could see the flames from our window. Years ago, we too had significant floods. When they arrive at your door, these items are incredibly difficult to handle, according to Kennedy-Williams.

He took care to stay away from things that made him feel uncomfortable at those times and focused on the good work being done by climate activists for the benefit of everyone.

“Progress of every type is being made on a global scale. Yes, this is a truly critical issue, he continues, “and people are banding together and making a great impact. Yes, we must all exert ourselves to the fullest extent possible, hold institutions of power accountable, and act immediately. However, there are individuals doing incredible things all across the world.

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