How To Apply For BALTIC Apprenticeships

Baltic apprenticeships allow people over the age of 18 and above to retrain themselves to become digital marketers, become more competitive in the workplace, and pursue a career with higher incomes.

A junior digital marketer can earn anything between £19,000 and £23,000.

After another 6 to 12 months, you could be earning between £23,000 & £25,000, and after another 6 to 12 months, your earnings will increase again by another £5,000 to £10,000 once you’ve become a full-time Marketing and Sales executive.



The Benefit of Digital Marketing Skills


Digital marketing will offer you a wide range of flexible skills, which will be invaluable in all industries.

The list skills are; Facebook skills to sell and expand the brand image as well as other social media channels such as YouTube, which is male-dominated, and Instagram and Pinterest, which primarily caters to the fairer sex; the brand image could be the image of the company.

It can also be a personal image think of Steve jobs or Instagram models. Copywriting is commonly seen in an advertisement and any written word being sold or trying to generate sales.

As you can see, you will find that the skills and opportunities this provides can be limitless when it comes to marketing and digital marketing.

You will find the need to require and expand your computer skills, your communication skills, your presentation skills, and the need to do personal development.



The Baltic apprenticeship forms a guide to writing a successful application.


PERSONAL PROFILE: I believe I will be qualified for the position of a Baltic apprentice because I desire to become a digital marketer due to the skills being pliable for multiple sectors of work and being a skill in high demand. I believe during the past few months, I’ve created my blog and podcast and taken part in and completed educational courses to become more experienced in the world of Digital Marketing.

SKILLS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Entered mainstream education at the age of 15 and managed to go to college and university. Blogging essential website Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. Audio work using audacity Content creation-written and audio Copywriting Branding Basic computer skills, WordPress, CANVA Strong communication skills You can use podcasting and social media channels and develop your website using WordPress or go daddy to show off some digital marketing skills and some computer skills.

EDUCATION HISTORY: 2014 to 2021   Purstone E-ACT ACADEMY – Pontefract GCSE: 2014: English B, Science Pass, Maths C, History B, R religious Education B, Public Services Pass   New College Pontefract: Government and Politics A, History B, Religious Studies B SCHOOL NAME (2013-2018)   Hull University – City of Hull Politics and International Relations degree 2:2   Lead Academy- Copywriting – Write Persuasive Copy and awarded this certificate on 15 February 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-146980-57667   Lead Academy- Copywriting Secrets and awarded this certificate on 19 February 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-146881-57667 Professional Digital Marketing at QLS Level 5 and awarded this certificate on 13 March 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-80009-57667 Digital Marketing level 7 diploma in progress

WORK EXPERIENCE: JOB ROLE – COMPANY NAME (2013-present) Brief explanation of the role and day-to-day duties.   CONCENTRIX- This is an American business services company. My current position and responsibility are as a Tier 3 Covid-19 track and trace phone operator. My responsibility is to contact people that may have Covid-19 and to advise the public on what to do by following the information provided to me by National Health England.   Oriflame Cosmetics- Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetic company started in 1967. My current role is working as a Digital Marketing and Sales Assistant, which involves me using social media to sell cosmetic products. I am also responsible for delivering and collecting orders for Oriflame products.

Furthermore, I’m also developing skills to promote myself, promote other people and promote the product. I am also developing Copywriting, Recrement, and Marketing Skills. I wanted to leave this role because of a pyramid scheme I was unaware of when I first joined.   Akribeia- Marketing and sales company currently contracted to work for Octopus Energies. The former role is to work as a Sales Representative and Ambassador for Octopus energy, where I have talked to between 90 and 120 households per weekday.   Amanda Riley Market stall owner  Market stall Assistant: I was responsible for selling and assisting customers in selecting and buying goods. This work also enabled me to develop negotiation skills and skills of tact and diplomacy while dealing with customers. Market stall manager: was the responsibility given to me when I was left in charge of running the Market Stall.   Keep your work experience truthful and bring back any skills you have developed whilst at work to show how you can apply those abilities in the workplace.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading – fiction, history, philosophy, self-improvement, gaming-Total War series, and Crusader Kings series. Personal development Audiobooks Watching Podcasts-Joe Rogan Blogging on my Website (Your Website) Keep your hobbies and personal interests relevant to the job application or apprenticeship. Do not waffle on keeping it relevant and precise. Sometimes less is more, and more is less when writing a successful application and any other form of the written word.

REFERENCES: Your references, your work references, your education references & volunteer work references if you have any.

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