How To Achieve Your Ideal Instagram Aesthetic-Victorian


There are several types of aesthetics that influencers follow that their fans pick up on and make a trend out of. From royalcore to grunge, e-boy/girl to academia, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to styling themselves.


This series of short articles aims to help you discover the path to your ideal aesthetic, focusing on one at a time. Today, we will look at the Victorian aesthetic.


Victorian fashion is taken from the era of Queen Victoria’s reign, which occurred from 1837 to 1901. Until recently, Queen Victoria was the UK’s longest reigning monarch.


Fashion trends varied massively during the span of her time on the throne, and people who follow the aesthetic can take any aspect of any of the trends to dress appropriately.


The most popular aspects within the style are corsets, extravagant hats, headpieces, top hats, or bonnets, petticoats, off-shoulder neckline dresses, waistcoats, pocket watches, and gloves. More about the aesthetic can be found here.


The Victorian aesthetic has influenced other, more mainstream aesthetics such as Steampunk and Lolita, but it remains a key aesthetic of its own. It is usually followed by those with an interest in the era, or who simply like to wear the clothing associated with it.


Some choose to follow the lifestyle as well as the fashion trends. If this is the case, they will look for knowledge and hold sentimental values. The main colours associated with the aesthetic include royal blue, black, white, beige, ochre, and crimson.


If you are looking for genuine ‘cosplay-style’ clothing reminiscent of a Victorian outfit, you can find them on Etsy, sometimes secondhand on eBay, or you can commission individual tailors or seamstresses to make one especially for you.


For a general look, you can buy items such as corsets, long skirts, blouses, waistcoats, and appropriate shoes from Shein, Next, or Corset Story. Pocket watches can be bought from antique shops or online.


An example of an outfit for men would be a classic three-piece suit with a top hat, pocket watch, chain, tie and tie pin, handkerchief, and brogues. An outfit for women could be a white blouse, brooch, pearl necklace, petticoat, long floor-length skirt, and black boots.

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