How To Achieve Your Ideal Instagram Aesthetic – Royalcore

There are many different types of aesthetics that social media influencers flaunt to their followers. From royalcore to grunge, e-girl/e-boy to academia, everyone that their own personal preference when styling themselves.


This is the second in the series of short articles that will help you discover how to begin your fashion journey to achieving your ideal aesthetic. Today’s focus will be the fairytale world of royalcore.


What is royalcore?

Royalcore is a fashion trend that follows the dress code of royalty. It is based largely on royalty clothing of the past, from the Medieval era to the Victorian era. It is refined, elegant, and opulent. Like most aesthetics, it can either be a style or a full-on lifestyle for an individual.


The trend came into fashion thanks to the Netflix series Bridgerton, Reign, and The Great, and was quickly pounced on by eager influencers on social media platforms and was also taken up by fans of the Medieval/Regency/Victorian eras.


For more information on the lifestyle, visit Aesthetics Wiki.


What type of clothing should I look for?

As stated above, you should look for anything that resembles a fairytale prince or princess/nobility. This can mean wearing long flowy dresses, corsets, billowing cloaks, crowns/tiaras, jewels, and even ‘Disney-esque’ suits.


Where can I find these pieces?

Multiple outlets offer clothing and accessories that have different price points. For a lower price point, try a fast fashion brand such as Shein or a more sustainable option would be a charity/thrift shop.


Another place to look when you have a lower budget is either Amazon or your local high street, where shopping around at places like New Look or TK/TJ Maxx can help you assemble an outfit fit for a queen at a bargain price.


For a more expensive price point, places such as Selkie, Teuta Matoshi, The Pretty Dress Company, House of CB, and JessaKae. offer a wide range of dresses and other clothes in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to find something that fits your personality perfectly.


For accessories, try Amazon (specifically SweetV), Claire’s Accessories, or Etsy.


What would be an example of an outfit?

For women, a tiara, maxi dress in the style of your choosing, a corset, opulent (looking) jewelry, elbow length gloves, a shawl, and comfortable yet regal looking footwear. For men, a white dress shirt, sergeant jacket, black trousers, a handkerchief, cufflinks, a crown, and smart shoes.


In summary, royalcore allows you to feel like the main character in a historical drama or fantasy book and lifts you out of your ordinary life to channel your inner royal for the day. Let us know in the comments if you give the style a go!

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