How To Achieve Your Ideal Instagram Aesthetic – Light Academia


There are many different types of aesthetics that social media influencers flaunt to their followers. From Royalcore to grunge, e-girl/e-boy to academia, everyone has their own personal preference when styling themselves.


This series of short articles will help you discover how to begin your fashion journey toward your ideal aesthetic. Today’s article will focus on academia, more specifically light academia.


What is light academia?


Light academia focuses heavily on the academic lifestyle and tends to be a positive, friendly, and motivational aesthetic. The aesthetic originated in the 2010s alongside its counterpart dark academia.


Key features of the lifestyle include an interest in classic literature, poetry, classical music, art, being scholarly, and wearing light colours such as plaid, cream, beige, light brown and gold.


More information on light academia can be found on Aesthetics Wiki.


What type of clothing should I look for?


The clothes worn when channeling a light academia aesthetic can be reminiscent of something a classical scholar would wear. For example, you should look for cardigans, turtlenecks, cable knit jumpers, skirts/smart trousers, waistcoats, hair ribbons, headbands, glasses, button-downs, knee-high socks, and pearl accessories. All pieces should be in the colors listed above to keep with the ‘light’ theme.


Where can I find these pieces?


Many of the items needed to make a light academia outfit can be sourced almost anywhere. For a lower budget, try Amazon, shops on your local high street such as New Look, Primark, and H&M, or online retailers such as Shein. If you’re looking for a higher-priced outfit, try independent online outlets such as Pixie Market.


What is an example of an outfit?


An example of a light academia outfit for a man would be a casual plaid suit jacket, button-up shirt, matching waistcoat, wire-rim glasses, dress shoes or brogues, and accessorized with cufflinks, a watch, and some classic books in a satchel. For a woman, try a button-up white blouse, a light brown cardigan, a skirt, tights, and lace-up shoes, and accessorize with white hair ribbons, pearl jewelry, a satchel, and a brooch.


In summary, for a light academia aesthetic, wear light colored smart/casual wear, and have an interest in literature and the arts. Next time, we will discuss dark academia.

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