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There are many different types of aesthetics that social media influencers flaunt to their followers. From royalcore to grunge, e-girl/e-boy to academia, everyone has their preference when it comes to styling themselves.


This series of short articles will help you discover how to begin your fashion journey to your ideal aesthetic. We will focus on one popular aesthetic at a time, beginning with cottagecore.


So, what is cottagecore?

Well, according to Aesthetics Wiki, cottagecore is the romanticization of country life, most notably drawing inspiration from the Victorian era. It is a lifestyle most popular with women, though some men take part in it too. Many people choose only to dress in the associated clothing rather than commit fully to the lifestyle itself.


The clothing style fits in with the nature theme and provides the wearer with a sense of comfort and harmony with the countryside. Examples of clothing include dresses with long skirts or puff sleeves, corsets, aprons, ribbons, boots, woolen pieces such as cardigans decorated with nature-themed embroidery or patterns, and brown, green, or black trousers/skirts.


Though it developed throughout the 2010s, the style became most popular in 2020 during the first lockdown and was initially given the name cottagecore back in 2018. This rise in popularity meant that many clothing outlets began a range of clothing dedicated to the aesthetic, and it is still the case today.


The most popular places to buy clothing are either fast-fashion outlets such as Shein, small shops dedicated to the aesthetic such as The Cottagecore, or secondhand places such as charity/thrift shops or eBay.  The latter option fits most with the lifestyle thanks to its low impact on the environment, but it is not always possible for people to find what they want secondhand.


An example of an outfit for men would be a white shirt with nature-themed embroidery on the collar, a green jumper, and brown trousers with lace-up boots. For women, either a floral dress in pastels with a ribbon in your hair or a white shirt embroidered cardigan and a long red or green skirt with boots. Add a satchel, hair ribbon, pearl jewelry, and a cameo brooch for the finishing touches.


In summary, to achieve a cottagecore fashion aesthetic, wear outfits that have long hems, nature-themed patterns or embroidery, and sturdy boots, with jewelry or accessories that match the theme. Next time, we will explore the royalcore aesthetic.

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