How the Ukrainians Are Benefiting From Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite.


Starlink technology is a SpaceX-operated satellite constellation led by billionaire Elon Musk that provides Internet access to the majority of the Earth’s surface. Starlink satellite covers even the remote areas where people don’t have access to other Internet facilities like fiber optic cables and cell towers.


Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s vice prime minister had earlier asked Elon Musk to provide Starlink internet to war-torn Ukraine on Twitter. Musk replied to Fedorov on Twitter saying that Starlink service had been activated in Ukraine. After receiving his assistance, the Ukrainians were able to access the Internet in the disrupted areas.


Photo by Jérôme Boursier on Unsplash


The Starlink satellite internet is now helping the Ukrainian military in their war against Russia. Internet provided by this satellite is used by a Ukrainian army unit to operate drones at night which are modified with thermal cameras to identify and then destroy Russian tanks and command trucks.


“If we use a drone with thermal vision at night, the drone must connect through Starlink to the artillery guy and create target acquisition”, the unit leader told The Times.”


Musk has been providing several Starlink terminals to Ukraine for internet connectivity. Starlink terminals are white TV-like dishes that the Starlink end-users need to send and receive signals from the Starlink satellite within its coverage.


“The quality of the link is excellent,” Fedorov said through a translator, using a Starlink connection from an undisclosed location. “We are using thousands, in the area of thousands, of terminals with new shipments arriving every other day.”, Fedorov told Washington Post

A trail of Starlink internet satellites. Photo by A.R. Bathish.


Almost majority of people prefer broadband or cell network for internet connectivity, but at times when we are not able to access them, it’s a relief to know that satellite internet like Starlink and others can help us to stay connected.

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