How Come Japan Is House of Pizza?

On Monday, Google Doodle celebrated the popular Italian dish, pizza, through interactive Google Doodle. Everyone could get their slice of pizza together with the toppings. This special doodle was available in Italy, Argentina, Canada, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, India, and Brazil as the countries that represent pizza culture.

Actually, on December 6th, 2017, the culinary art of Neapolitan “Pizzaiuolo” became one of the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, so this was the aim of Monday’s Google Doodle.

Despite its Italian origin, Pizza is also popular in several countries, including Japan. Quoted from Medium, Tokyo has more or less 6,000 Italian restaurants and grows a bunch of chefs where they craft the finest pizza around the world. Japan is the place where the most unique pizza comes from. You can also find pizza everywhere in Japan, including in supermarkets.

Pizza’s first touchdown was in Kobe when an Italian navy ship came during World War Two. In 1954, the first pizzeria, “Nicola’s,” was opened by Italian-American Nick Zeppeti in Roppongi, Tokyo. Who knows that this rounded bread suits Japanese taste, which made Japan start importing frozen pizza from America to be sold in supermarkets ten years later. Later in the 1970s, people could find pizza everywhere, like in cafes, family restaurants, and western restaurants.

The development of pizza culture in Japan is proven by unique pizza that you can only find in Japan. By adding a typical Japanese side dish, various kinds of pizza are served all around the land. Japan is famous for its seafood cuisine, which creates seafood-topped pizza as its specialty. One of them is mentaiko pizza. Mentaiko or cod roe is a traditional side dish in Japan, and people usually eat it along with rice. But now, cod roe also added in some fusion cuisine like pasta and pizza. This pizza is come with other various toppings too, like potatoes, nori (dried seaweed), corn, mayonnaise, and squid. Mentaiko pizza is just another level of delicacy.

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