How Air Pollution Can Affect Your Health

“How air pollution affects your health,” an article written in 2016, reiterates just how globally unconscious we as humans are of our situations. For example, the article states that more than 3 million people a year are killed prematurely and that these numbers are estimated to double by the time 2055 rolls around.

“This projection should sound alarm bells for public health agencies around the world,” said environmental health expert Professor Michael Jerrett at the University of California.

This issue, to put it in comparison, is killing more people than malaria and HIV/Aids combined. If people were better educated about the impacts of air pollution, there would be a greater chance of people coming together to not only implement better laws and policies through the government but through private and public sectors of industries as well.

For example, if the government implemented better policies and distributed more money into funding education to companies and community members, then collectively, changes would be gradually made without uprooting people’s lives completely, and over time, the pollutant numbers would slowly decrease.

In my opinion, it is the best possible outcome because many people are not willing to change their lifestyles drastically, no matter how important it is to the well-being of others.

However, if laws and guidelines were implemented and awareness was raised, more people would gradually become accustomed to a slightly less polluting lifestyle, resulting in better overall numbers. It won’t solve the problem completely, but it is a better solution than the rates at which air pollution is continuing to grow.

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