Hotel Del Luna and what it means to Move On

Hotel Del Luna is a K-drama, starring IU, Yeo Jin-goo, Lee Do-hyun and many more. It aired in 2019 but left an admirable impression in the K-Drama community.

The basic plot is: IU’s character, Jang Man-wol, is a hotel owner who has lived for 1300 years to repay her sins. She can only leave once a tree that resembles her starts growing flowers. It would literally mean that her heart starts working again and she is aging.

Yeo Jin-goo plays a hotel manager, Goo Chan-seong, that will essentially become IU’s anchor and the reason that she’ll pass on. IU’s hotel is a hotel for the dead to heal and process their deaths before moving on to the afterlife.

It also tells a great deal about healing and moving on from the past. As someone who has stayed the same for 1300 years, IU meets her past 1300 laters. She dealt it with a range of emotions, from rage to sadness and relief.

Not only does it tell us the story of the main characters. It also gave us side character stories. There is rage and a thirst of revenge for people from the past. There is also waiting for a loved one to also pass on so that you can go together to the afterlife. There is love, friendship and family told in these stories and it will show their process of moving on.

This drama is very witty, heart-warming and touching. It leaves you with a sense of grief and joy.

It has many human aspects despite its fantasy elements. There is a great range of emotions that we will feel through the characters. It’s one of the best dramas to air in that year and deserves much recognition.

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