Horror Podcasts That Are Highly Recommended.


Movie-based podcasts have been popular for years now, but for horror movie fans, finding horror-specific podcasts that are high quality can be hard. And while there are more out there, these are some of the best, funniest, and well-researched horror movie podcasts out there at the moment.


Pod Mortem: A Horror Podcast (@thepodmortem) / Twitter

Pod Mortem – A brother, sister, and brother-in-law trio, the Pod Mortem team is as funny as they are in-depth. In each episode, they cover a new film with scene-by-scene commentary and sometimes, share additional behind-the-scenes information. The relationship between the three is almost as fun as the movies they’re deep diving.




Dead Meat Podcast (Podcast Series 2018– ) - IMDb

Dead Meat – James and Chelsea, the newlyweds that run this podcast, put a lot of work into Dead Meat, and it shows, with every episode hitting the mark. Not every episode is a beat-by-beat look at horror films, often interviews and game podcasts pop up too, and they’re just as fun. And if you liked their podcast, check out James’ Kill Count on Youtube, which is the best way to watch a movie on a time crunch.



Nightmare on Film Street - Horror Movie Podcast, Horror Movie News, Horror Reviews and More!

Nightmare on Film Street – The couple at the heart of this is as funny as they are chaotic. In a fun way. Every episode follows a theme that links two films. For example, Makeout Massacre was about Killer Klowns from Outer Space, as well as Night of the Creeps. Nightmare on Film Street’s Jon and Kim cover mainstream films as well as more obscure early 2000’s films which makes for a podcast that never gets old.


Something that all three podcasts share, is binge-ability. But not only that, there are such varied movies covered in each of the podcasts, with no one sub-genre of horror being overrepresented. This only means that there is something for everyone.



Special Mention…We Hate Movies / Episode 446 - The Shining (PREVIEW)

We Hate Movies – Though they cover many movies, from comedies to dramas and more, each year in October WHM releases their Spooktacular episodes. Often a joke will turn into a whole bit, which only adds to the fun atmosphere. Though a popular podcast, We Hate Movies is one of the funnier podcasts out there.


So there we have it. All of the Podcasts on this list are in-depth, so if you’d rather listen to a podcast than watch a film, these are a good alternative. And even if you don’t, having watched the movie beforehand, there’s enough content to make it far from repetitive listening to people discuss a film you’re already familiar with.


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