Honda Is Japan’s 1st Automaker To Sell Cars Online Domestically


Image Credit: Honda


Honda Motor Company began selling new automobiles online on Monday, making it the first leading Japanese automaker to allow consumers in the domestic market to complete the overall process online, from consultations to contracts.


The Honda ON service is now only available to Tokyo residents on a subscription contract basis, but it will be expanded nationwide in the future. Honda intends to generate demand from clients who wish to avoid face-to-face service amid the coronavirus outbreak, as well as from younger people.


Customers will sign a three-year or five-year contract for one of four primary models accessible through the service, paying monthly payments that include maintenance and mandatory inspection. Furthermore, there is a possibility to purchase a new automobile before the contract expires.


In Japan, Toyota Motor Corp. provides a similar subscription service that allows clients to return the car after the contract expires. Users of Toyota’s service will be charged an additional fee if their car exceeds a specified mileage limit.


Online automobile sales have previously been offered in other countries by automakers such as Tesla Inc., the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Toyota and Nissan Motor Company have set up a system in the United States that allows people to buy new automobiles online.


Customers may choose a car model and extras on a website run by a Honda company. Customers merely need to visit the store to take delivery of their vehicles.


Customers in Japan will also be able to complete purchases of Nissan’s new Ariya electric sport utility vehicle, which is set to go on sale this winter, online.

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