Hogwarts Legacy Delay Rumors Debunked

So, apparently, there were claims that Hogwarts Legacy wouldn’t release in 2022, but those rumors have been debunked.

Last year, Avalanche, the developers behind Hogwarts Legacy, tweeted about sharing news and updates on the game in 2022. However, comicbook.com said that the game would not come out in 2022 because it needed more time.

“Brace yourselves. According to comicbook.com, Colin Moriarty has stated that @HogwartsLegacy will not be ready to release in 2022. He has heard that it needs more “time in the oven.” Let’s all hope this is not the case,” the tweet shared.

Luckily, AccountNGT, a reputable source, pretty much denied the rumor.

“I said what I had to say, I don’t comment on rumors,” his rebuttal started. “The only thing that could delay Hogwarts Legacy to 2023 is the amount of games that will be released in the same period.”

It’s not one hundred percent confirmed it’s not delayed, but it’s something. Fans were worried, though, whether the game would be delayed since there have been no updates. However, 2022 just began, so we need to give them a little time.

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest game, and it’s a big one for fans. A custom world where they can live at Hogwarts and be a wizard is most people’s dream. It’s real cool and very immersive for players. Games with character creation do a lot when it comes to getting players to care and feel for what they’re playing. It works even better with established franchises.

But, we’ll have to wait for now.

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