Hoax Circulating That Says Queen Elizabeth II Died

Hoax Circulating Around Says That The Queen Elizabeth II Died 

Queen Elizabeth II. (source : aa.com).

The leader of the British Empire Queen Elizabeth II is currently undergoing treatment after contracting the Covid-19 disease. Queen Elizabeth II has contracted Covid-19 since Sunday (20/2/2022) and has mild symptoms. Although official information has been conveyed by Buckingham Palace, fake news or hoaxes have emerged that say that Elizabeth II has died. Reporting from Variety, the hoax about the death of the queen who has reigned for 70 years was written by a blog called Hollywood Unlocked. The gossip and entertainment blog stated that Queen Elizabeth II’s death was known to sources inside Buckingham Palace.

Hoax concerning the Queen’s Medical Condition

The narrative written on the Instagram account states that the Queen is preparing to attend the wedding of Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of Vogue in England. However, he was found dead. Even so, until now there has been no official information submitted by Buckingham Palace regarding the death of Elizabeth II, as well as the health condition of the queen. Thus, uploads on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram and Facebook accounts received ratings from a number of fact checkers as fake news or hoaxes. There had been news and uploads on social media regarding the apology submitted by Hollywood Unlocked

However, until now Hollywood Unlocked has not deleted the article. The blog’s founder, Jason Lee even defended the article and defended against retracting it. According to Jason Lee, the article was based on a trusted source. “We never post lies and always trust our sources. Waiting for an official statement from the Palace,” he wrote. In addition, Jason Lee also said that his party had never announced that it would delete articles regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

If anyone claims to be from Hollywood Unlocked on social media, Jason makes sure that it doesn’t belong to them. According to the latest information provided by Buckingham Palace; Queen Elizabeth II is undergoing treatment at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England. Even in care; the queen is still able to carry out some of her duties as head of the British monarchy.

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