Hit By The Fifth Wave of Covid-19, These Are The Conditions for A Number of Countries in Europe

A number of countries in Europe are struggling to deal with the crisis of the fifth wave of the coronavirus in November 2021. This is marked by the increase in daily cases of Covid-19 infections in Europe such as Germany, Britain, Turkey, France, and others. The outbreak of coronavirus cases in Europe is due to the mutation of the Delta virus or AY.4.2, the lack of massive awareness of vaccination, and changes in temperature ahead of winter.

Conditions of a number of countries in Europe:

1. Covid-19 conditions in France

France's COVID-19 response: balancing conflicting public health traditions - The Lancet

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According to Reuters, Wednesday (11/24/2021), surprising things happened in France. The French Ministry of Health reported that there were 30,454 new cases in 24 hours, this figure is high since the Covid-19 case was under control until August 2021.

“Today, we will announce 30,000 cases over 24 hours. That is a very large increase in the infection rate, which shows that we are, unfortunately, in the fifth wave of the epidemic,” said French Health Minister, Olivier Veran, on Tuesday (23/11/2021).

Daily new cases are up 54% compared with last Tuesday and the week-on-week increase in new cases has been well above or nearly 50% for the 11th day in a row. This high number of cases is also in line with the increasing number of patients in intensive care units at hospitals.

To control it, France’s health regulator said the third dose of vaccination should be given to everyone over the age of 40. As of Thursday (11/25/2021), the total positive cases of Covid-19 in France reached 7,483,282.


2. Conditions of Covid-19 in the UK

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Wednesday (11/24/2021) cases of Covid-19 infection in the UK touched more than 40,000 cases per day. In fact, there are a thousand or more deaths per week. Meanwhile, there are theories that support the occurrence of herd immunity. Professor Neil Ferguson, an Epidemiologist at Imperial College in London, said he hoped Britain would avoid the spike in coronavirus cases that has seen sweeping across Europe in recent weeks.

According to him, the increase in Covid-19 cases in the UK is because so many of its citizens have been infected since the lockdown was lifted in July 2021. This has allowed the emergence of herd immunity. However, other public health experts are sceptical of Professor Ferguson’s theory of creating herd immunity.

According to the Mayo Clinic, herd immunity can occur when a large part of a community (herd) becomes immune to a disease, making a person-to-person spread of the disease impossible.

As a result,the entire community is protected, not just those who are immune. Given the rapid spread of the delta variant, Professor Sridar, Head of the Global Public Health Program at the University of Edinburgh, said it was possible the UK would reach that threshold after winter. But it will depend on vaccine resistance and natural immunity.


3. Germany’s Covid-19 Conditions 

WHO: Another 500,000 people in Europe could die of Covid by March | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Image source: theguardian.com

Thursday (11/25/2021), Germany is currently struggling to overcome the pandemic after several days of experiencing an extreme daily spike in cases.

Germany’s efforts in tackling this pandemic are considered better than its neighbouring countries. In total, there were 100,119 deaths due to Covid in Germany as of Wednesday (11/24/2021).

The Head of the Institute, Robert Koch, has put the death rate in Germany at around 0.8%, meaning that on a daily increase in the number of cases around 50,000 cases, and about 400 people per day will end up dying.


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