History With Crusader Kings: Sigurðr “Snake-in-the-Eye”

Sigurðr is a recommended start for those who’ve gotten the hang of the game for a bit. Not too hard, nor too easy. He owns a significant area corresponding to parts of today’s Denmark and the southern tip of Sweden. Unlike his brothers who begin in Britain, Sigurðr was given a more stately role; having high stewardship score and education. Much like his brother in Sweden however, Sigurðr has the option to set his sights on Britain. Whether Sigurðr leaves behind his father’s inheritance or consolidates his dynasty will be up to you. But with high stewardship, it might be a brighter idea to strengthen what you already have.

Portrait of a Man
King Sigurðr. Image Credit: Erico Olai Tormio (Public Domain)

There isn’t much historical evidence to support his traits in the game. However, his title “Snake-in-the-Eye” does refer to a physical characteristic he might’ve had. It is described that he had a mark in his eye reminiscent of a snake biting its own tail. When Sigurðr was still young, news reached him of the murder of his two brothers from a different mother. His mother would weep over their murder and his brothers were on the fence about avenging them. A young Sigurðr would then express support which steeled the hearts of his elder brothers, leading to the ransacking of Sweden.

Shadowed by Greats

Upon the death of Ragnarr, his father, by Ælla of Northumbria, Sigurðr would swear to exact revenge as his brothers did. Sigurðr along with two of his brothers would initiate the first attack only to fail. Ivar would then pick up the slack through an ingenious ploy. The ploy would work and cause the defeat of king Ælla; either slain in battle or executed by way of the blood eagle rite.

A source states that Sigurðr was the one to inherit much of the Danish lands Ragnarr held. He would later die during a raid in West Francia. Sigurðr did not have many other tales or accomplishments ascribed to him besides these raids. However, one Harald Fairhair would claim to trace his lineage back to Sigurðr.

Source: Wikipedia

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