History With Crusader Kings: Eudes

Eudes is the child-ruler of the county of Anjou at the 867 game-start. He is one of the harder recommended characters to begin with. He will have access to several alliances which may help, but your biggest issue comes in how vulnerable you are at the beginning. Depending on your luck, a certain murderer of your father might plot to murder you as well. Eudes requires planning and luck to play as, and getting his historical achievement would be a monumental task. Knowing all the mechanics that exist in the game will be your greatest boon.

Strong Roots

Historically, Eudes, otherwise known as Odo, was the eldest son of Robert the Strong. He inherited a lot of his father’s land at the young age of 7 but was later robbed of them. King Charles the Bald had handed over management of Neustria to Hugh the Abbot, who was the step-brother to Robert. Eudes would later reclaim his title over Neustria after Hugh’s death. King Carloman II would also later grant Eudes the county of Paris.

Rise to Power

Up to this point in time, France was one of the few prime targets of Viking raids. In 845, Paris fell to Viking hands and the King resorted to paying them off. Many would later have the same ideas of harassing West Francia, even after having plundered the coasts dry. In 885, a Viking raid with a massive host that was described to have obstructed the river it sailed upon would target Paris. There, Eudes will prove his mettle in what is possibly a turning point in history.

On the second day, negotiations took place between the two parties. Neither side would reach accordance. The Vikings struck on the third day, taking the city defenses by surprise. The siege lasted for months and the city was starved of resources. Eudes was somehow able to slip past the Vikings who’d taken the bridge to plea with King Charles the Fat for reinforcements. In compliance, the King rallied an army and along with Eudes marched to Paris. Upon arrival, however, Charles took to negotiations with the Vikings—paying them off and telling them to go raid Burgundy instead. This unacceptable decision eventually led to the deposition of Charles. Eudes would then be elected to become King in the year 888, the first to not be of the Carolingian line.

The Glass Ceiling

His ascent to royalty fairly quickly lost support, as nobles wanted to install a Carolingian back on the throne; forgetting Eudes’ heroic feats in Paris. Eudes was not aware of the nobles’ scheming until much later. The nobles eventually held the crowning of Charles the Simple and demanded Eudes abdicate. Eudes would decline and seek support from East Francian King, Arnulf. Prior to this, Arnulf had already had a hand in overthrowing the previous monarch, Charles the Fat. The two shared similar values in rulership, and Eudes even supported Arnulf in his coup. So, it came as a surprise when Arnulf sided with the nobles of West Francia.

Eudes was able to keep in power, though steadily declining over the years, up until his death. His legacy was that of the defense of Paris. His dynasty would live on and challenge the rule of the Carolingians. The Capets, a cadet branch of the dynasty, would be the founders of the Kingdom of France. Would you be able to emulate Eudes’ legacy? As mentioned before, it is a long, hard-fought journey, but it is not impossible. Prove yourself capable of navigating the harsh intrigues of the time in Crusader Kings!

Source: World History

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