History With Crusader Kings: Daurama

Daurama was one of the few female rulers available in the 867 start date. She is the chieftess of Daura and starts with a marriage alliance with her husband, Bayajidda. At the start of the game, your only heir is Bawo, who carries Bayajidda’s dynasty. Your main challenge is to get an heir to your dynasty. However, you can challenge yourself to keep the matriarchal rule in Daura, which adds another layer of choice. This secondary challenge is relevant because… well, let’s get down to the history.

Tale of Another

Only one source is available regarding the figure of Daurama. It is a legendary tale of the history of the Hausa people, the legend of Bayajidda. The Bayajidda Legend is old and surrounded by myth; many variations of the same story exist among different areas as well. The variations differ in some major points, but all agree on the origin of their ancestral founder. Regardless of differences, the legend has mentions of Daurama in it, which reveals the importance of Daurama in Hausa history.

The Queen-Mother

The oral traditions of the Hausa people credit Daurama as the founding queen of successor Hausa states. She is heralded to be the last matriarch of Daura before Islam’s spread to Africa. Daurama is depicted to be a ruler who tried her best to provide for her people. However, a particular problem for her people was the existence of a snake that guarded a well. This well was where the people of Daura collected their water, and unless the snake is pacified, there is a problem.

One day, Bayajidda stumbled upon Daura and was welcomed as a guest. Prior to this, Bayajidda was viewed with suspicion by the states he’d visited. The reason behind this distrust varies from sources, ranging from jealous courtiers to fear due to him travelling with armed company. But Daurama was willing to let Bayajidda stay in Daura. As a form of gratitude, Bayajidda took it upon himself to slay the snake in the well.

The outcome of this was an offer for Bayajidda to receive a gift or a boon. Bayajidda declined the specific offer given to him but instead asked for her hand in marriage. Their son Bawo would later inherit their state. Bawo himself would then sire many children that have founded many of the different Hausa states.

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