Hillcrest High Students’ Fight Back

Students at Hillcrest High School in Ottawa staged a walkout after several students noticed the principal singling out certain individuals for what they believed to be racially motivated behavior. The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is only now beginning to look into the allegations of racism that have been surrounding the school for months. The principal is not only condoning her own racist behavior but is protecting the racist behaviors of all staff members.

Asilu Collective Board Member Mae Mason stated, “It’s clear to students that they’re not getting the same treatment as their white peers.”

The Asilu is an anti-racist feminist organization that works with the Ottawa school board to push for the elimination of school resource officer programs in public schools. Asilu has received multiple reports from racialized students that the school administration is following students through the hallways and even into the washrooms.

One student’s report read: “I came out of the washroom and was sent to the principal’s office where she asked me to take off my shoes and socks to see if I had a vape hidden somewhere. She did not find anything, but I was suspended for a couple of days because she said I was acting suspicious at school.”

The school stated that there had been many incidents of vaping on school grounds and Ottawa Bylaw Services confirmed to CTV News that they had been called to Hillcrest High School for reports of vaping and on June 17 issued fines for doing so on school property. CTV News spoke with multiple sources who say the student, who was fined nearly $800, is black and was targeted due to her race.

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