Hibi Chouchou!

You may wonder what kind of romance I’m going to recommend this time. I’ve chosen Hibi Chouchou because it possesses a strange plot and the story is really different compared to other shoujo mangas. I can guarantee that you will definitely be laughing when you find out how weird the relationship between the female lead and male lead is! So, let’s get started!

Genre : Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, School Life.


Synopsis : 

This is a story of our female lead, Suiren Shibazeki, the most gorgeous and cutest girl in the school. She not only has a beautiful face but everywhere she goes, she can capture everyone’s hearts. However, unlike in the past, when she was still a primary school student. She had been bullied by her boy classmates because she didn’t want to socialize with others and was such a quiet person.

Until she transferred to another middle school that only had girl students, everything had changed in a better way. Although she was still a quiet person and rarely spoke to her friends, she could become a popular person because of her looks.

One day, when she transferred to a co-ed high school, she met the male lead, Kouha Kawasumi! Surprisingly, the male lead is even more of a quieter person! But somehow they managed to start their friendship after that.

Reader’s perspective: 

As the story progresses, even if Kouha and Suiren usually meet in the school, they hardly talk to each other. The readers don’t know why but despite their quiet relationship, both of them can express how warm their friendship is through their actions! 

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