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Here’s Why V60 Is The Best Coffee Brewing Technique For Those Who Like It Black

Have you ever walked into a cafe and noticed a glass jug with a funnel standing on top? Those are the necessary hardware needed for V60, one of the most popular manual brew techniques. Simply put, this brewin method is done with slowly pouring hot water in a circular motion over ground coffee beans in the funnel and waiting until the last drip of the coffee drops into the glass jug.

The technique

The purpose of this technique is to extract the best flavor and aroma out of the beans without having to mix the oils from the bean into the final brew. V60 Hario is the most practical and easiest method to enjoy high-quality coffee at home. Certainly, you don’t need to be a barista to master it.

You just need to buy the cone-shaped brewing tool along with filter papers to separate the ground beans and the extracted essence. Immersion and non-immersion are two significant brewing techniques. Non-immersion means the brewed beans have the most minimal contact with water. V60 is the latter one.


The advantage of using the V60 technique is that the coffee produced is cleaner and less greasy. The paper filter is used to hold oil from falling into the final cup. Because of that, V60 coffee is best enjoyed black. Brewing with this method, there are consideration, starting from the ground coffee, the temperature of the water, and the length of brewing time. Coffee ground for brewing with this method needs to be coarser in size than espresso.

The temperature of the water is usually somewhere below 100 degrees celsius and the length of brewing is around 5-7 minutes or you can estimate by looking at the foam/crema on the beans. If it starts to get muddy and no sign of crema, you may remove the filter and serve.

V60 is more suitable for brewing light to medium roast arabica coffee as darker ones will give out a very strong and bitter taste which is better served as a latte.

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