Here’s the top 20 of the safest airline in the World

Here’s the top 20 of the safest airline in the World 

image source: AirlineRatings

The airline rating page,, has just launched 20 safest airlines in the world 2022. A number of airlines are included in the list.

Top 20.
Here are list of 20 safest airlines in the world:
  1. Air New Zealand
  2. Etihad Airways
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. TAP Air Portugal
  6. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
  7. Qantas
  8. Alaska Airlines
  9. EVA Air
  10. Virgin Australia/Atlantic
  11. Cathay Pacific
  12. Hawaiian Airlines
  13. American Airlines
  14. Lufthansa/Swiss Group
  15. Finnair
  16. Air France-KLM Group
  17. British Airways
  18. Delta Air Lines
  19. United Airlines
  20. Emirates
The Contentious Services of these Airlines

Quoted from The National, the first position occupied by Air New Zealand. Second position seated by Etihad Airways, while Emirates is also included in the list.

Airlineratings was launched in June 2013 and assessing safety credentials 385 airlines by considering elements such as accidents for five years; serious incident for two years; Audit of the Aviation Industry Regulatory Agency and Leader Association; Age of fleet; and Covid-19 protocol.

Singapore Airlines also appeared in the top 20. Along with Portugal Air Tap, SAS, Qantas, Alaska Airlines, Eva Air, Virgin Australia/Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa/Switzerland Group, Finnair, Air France-KLM Group, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Qatar Airways.

“20 Our safest airline in 2022 is always the lead in the innovation of safety, operational excellence, and a more sophisticated new aircraft launch such as Airbus A350 and Boeing 787,” said Editor in Chief of, Geoffrey Thomas.

But, said Thomas, all airlines have an incident every day mostly related to making aircraft or machines, not operational problems.

“This is the way the plane crew handles this incident that determines the good airline from insecurity,” Thomas said.

Thomas quoted the new Zealand water safety standards that were always high and the attention he showed to his plane crew as a reason for the ranking at the top of the 2022 safety list.

“Air New Zealand has won many awards and has a strong focus on its safety and customers. Over the past 18 months, Covid-19 has brought a new dimension to challenges. Air New Zealand has superior in a broad safety spectrum; consequently, never forgot the smallest details when giving services for the flight crew that has worked under significant pressure,” he said.

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