Here is Why Yumi’s Cell is Worth the Wait

Do you still remember the drama Yumi’s Cell, which aired last October?

The drama, played by Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Go Eun, combines live-action with animation, making Yumi’s Cells a fresh dish. Yumi’s Cells tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi (Kim Go Eun) and the cells in her brain. Every cell in Yumi’s brain controls her thoughts, feelings, and actions. Meanwhile, Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) is a warm-hearted and realistic game developer. Woong is very rational, but he often does unexpected things after meeting Yumi. Goo Woong helps her revive the love cells in Yumi’s long-dead brain. But their love story did not go smoothly. Until the end of the episode, we will see Yumi and Woong, choose to break their relationship.

The first season of Yumi’s Cells ended on 30th October 2021 (Saturday). This drama has been mentioned from the beginning that it will have multiple seasons due to the webtoon’s more than 500 chapters.

Now, viewers are wondering if Yumi will get back with Woong or start a relationship with Yoo Babi in the second season of Yumi’s Cells. 

Many people regret the breakup of Yumi’s relationship with Woong. Some people don’t want to continue Yumi’s Cells because they are disappointed in Yumi and Woong’s relationship breakup. But did you know that Yumi’s Cell is absolutely worth waiting for? Here are some reasons why Yumi’s Cell is worth the wait:

1. The story relates to life

Many people relate to the story of Yumi’s Cell. Although Yumi and Woong are the main characters, their relationship cannot be forced anymore. Yumi and Woong will undoubtedly be unhappy individuals if their romance continues. Their decision to stop the relationship seems rational, and it was the wisest decision.

2. Adorable Cell

One of the attractions of this drama is the combination of animation and live-action. We’ve seen a lot of Yumi and Woong’s cells in season one. So we may be going to see many kinds of cells in the next season.

3. Yumi’s Life

K-drama review: Yumi's Cells – relatable romcom brings first season to  surprising and emotional close | South China Morning Post

When watching season one of Yumi’s Cells, we will see life from Yumi’s point of view. Sometimes people will see themself as Yumi. We will feel what Yumi feels in the drama. We will also see how Yumi’s character development in every episode. Yumi’s life which is relatable to our daily lives, will provide its own value for us.


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