Here Are the Instagrams of Kinnporsche’s Main Casts!

Saturday, July 9, 2022, marks the grand finale and last episode of KinnPorsche the Series – unfolding the ending (or potential cliffhanger) to Porsche and Kinn’s complicated romance.

Although we’re going to say goodbye to KinnPorsche the Series, it won’t be a permanent farewell as we’ll still get to see the actors of the main three ships of the series: Kinn and Porsche, Vegas and Pete, and Kim and Porshay in future projects!


Here are the Instagrams of the main 6 cast members:


@milephakphum – “Mile” Phakphum Romsaithong as Anakinn “Kinn” Theerapanyakul


Playing as everyone’s favorite mafia boss, Mile has 1,8 Million followers on his Instagram. Mile loves to share posts about his guitar collection, vintage fashion and watches, cocktails, his love for blues – and of course, handsome pictures of himself.


@nnattawin – “Apo” Nattawin Wattanagitiphat as “Porsche” Pachara Kittisawat



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A post shared by Nattawin Wattanagitiphat (@nnattawin)

Our beloved bartender both in the series and in real life, Apo has 1,8 Million followers on his Instagram. Apo is known to post a lot of his mirror selfies along with old quirky photos of him and cute pictures of him with cats.


@biblesumett – “Bible” Wichapas Sumettikul as “Vegas” Kornwit Theerapanyakul



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A post shared by Bsumettikul (@biblesumett)

Bible as the eldest son of the Minor family, Vegas likes to share cool and sleek photos of him to fans as he often only wears black and white outfits to 1,4 Million of his followers. Other than his iconic monochrome fits, he likes to share his drawings along with fitness posts.


@buildurluve – “Build” Jakapan Puttha as Pete



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A post shared by BUILD • 金建成 (@buildurluve)

Playing as the head of the bodyguards, Build loves to share cute posts of him in lovely berets, in bright outfits, or pictures of him with cats – and even Genshin Impact posts sometimes to his 1,3 Million followers.


@jeffsatur – “Jeff” Worakamon Satur as “Kim” Kimhan Theerapanyakul


Jeff with 1,5 Million followers on his Instagram, playing as the youngest sibling in the Major family often posts about his music career, which involves a lot of singing posts, his latest music releases, and several photoshoots of him.


@barcode.tin – “Barcode” Tinnasit Isarapongporn as “Porchay” Pichaya Kittisawat



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A post shared by BARCODE (@barcode.tin)

Playing as Porsche’s lovely younger sibling, Barcode has 740K followers and mostly likes to share random posts of him ranging from pictures of him with friends at school, pictures with cast members, videos of his TikToks, to baby pictures!


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