Here are Some Ways To Enjoy Kimchi!

Korean food is getting more popular in the world, Kimchi is one of them. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made from fermented vegetables that are mixed with a spicy seasoning. The most common vegetables for making Kimchi are chicory and radishes. Kimchi has a sour taste and it is reddish in color because it uses chili.

It can be consumed directly as a food companion or cooked first, for example, cooked into kimchi soup or kimchi jjigae. Until now, Kimchi has been an essential food in South Korea because eating Kimchi can benefit the body. In South Korea, Kimchi is always served at mealtimes as one of the most common types of banchan.

The expanding influence of the Korean Wave in the world has caused the consumption of Kimchi to rise. Here are some ways you can enjoy Kimchi:

  1. Kimchi + Noodles
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In Korea, Kimchi is often enjoyed with noodles. The type of noodles used can also be according to taste. It can be fried noodles or soup noodles. Kimchi will be more delicious when eaten with spicy noodles. The sour taste of fresh Kimchi will balance out the spicy taste of the noodles.

  1. Kimchi + Rice
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Warm rice will be very delicious eaten with Kimchi. You can add side dishes according to your taste. Kimchi and rice can also be made into Kimchi fried rice. Kimchi fried rice in South Korea is a widespread and well-known food. You can mix rice and Kimchi and additional seasonings so that the Kimchi fried rice suits your taste.

  1. Kimchi + Korean BBQ
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Korean BBQ is very popular because it is suitable to be eaten together with other people. Korean BBQ is a cut of beef that is usually grilled over coal. Korean BBQ is famous for its characteristic stove in the center of the table. Kimchi will be very suitable to be eaten with Korean BBQ. The fresh taste of the Kimchi will offset the fat taste of the meat.

Those are some ways that you can choose to enjoy Kimchi. So which is your favorite?

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