Here are some suggestions to help you prevent depression when you are not doing well

Depression is not a joke. Because we are all going through difficult times in our lives and do not know what each other is going through in their lives and minds. So, if you are not actually okay, that might lead to a depression or anxiety attack. Here are some suggestions for what you should do.

  • Shower. A shower, not a bath. Use water whatever you’d like—hot or cold. Even washing is not necessary. Simply enter the water below and let it to wash over you for a time. If you have to, sit on the floor.
  • Make everything moist. Use any lotion you like.
  • Put on some clean, comfortable clothing.
  • Take some cold water. Apply ice. Add some mint or lemon, if you’d like, for an added boost.
  • Make things clean. It need not be a large thing. Organize a desk’s one drawer. Cleaning five soiled dishes. Launder a load of clothes. Clean the sink in the bathroom.
  • Play loud music. Listen to music with loads of energy, something that is bouncy, loud, and energetic. Even if you are terrible at both, sing and dance to it.
  • Prepare food. Don’t just graze on a granola bar. Spend some time preparing food. Whether it be ramen or Include something special, like some vegetables or a soft-boiled egg. Prepare meals; they taste much better and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Creating something Write a poem or a short tale; paint a picture; make origami; crochet; knit; create a clay sculpture; or do anything artistic. Regardless of whether you believe you’re excellent at it or not. Create.
  • Step outdoors. Go for a stroll. Sit on the turf. Observe the clouds. odorize flowers. Feel the dirt against your flesh as you dig in the dirt with your hands.
  • Make a call. If you have no one else to contact, call a chat service or a loved one, friend, or family member. Get in touch with a passerby. Talk to someone while listening to their voice. If you’re unable to make a phone call, text, email, or any other type of communication, just engage in some social connection with someone else. Take the time to listen to them, even if you don’t say anything. This is beneficial. 

This list may appear insignificant or foolish to others, yet it keeps people alive.

Even at your best, you won’t be good enough for the wrong kinds of people. But even in your poorest circumstances, the right people will still value you. Recall that. Maintain your grip.

In case you haven’t heard, I love you and think you’re worth your weight in gold, so be kind to yourself and, most importantly, keep going!

People do not act depressed. They pretend to be OK.

Search for something to be thankful for!

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