Helping Someone with Mental Illness


Mental illness affects everyone.


But how can you help others when they are suffering? What signs must we look out for in people? Keep reading to find out…


Some Signs of mental health deteriorating

  • A big sign of somebody’s mental health declining is them withdrawing from their normal life – no longer doing things that are normal for them, avoiding people, etc.
  • Increased levels of anxiety – feeling on edge, anxious, and full of dread, even in normal situations.
  • Becoming more angry/irritable – the constant stress can cause a person to become unusually irritable and they may snap/get stressed at seemingly small things.
  • Changes to eating and sleeping patterns (eg; comfort eating or not eating enough and sleeping more/sleeping less)


Now let’s look at how to support people who are struggling…

  • It is important to check up on people in your life, you are never fully aware of what somebody is dealing with.
  • Let them talk to you when they are ready – it’s important to remind people they aren’t alone and that you will be there to talk when they are ready.
  • Buy a gift for them of something they like, to cheer them up a bit.
  • If worried tell somebody about it, as the person will get the help they require.


As there are so many signs of declining mental health, it is so important to learn to recognize them. You may help somebody a huge amount by noticing they need support. You could potentially save someone’s life by noticing the signs.



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