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Helpful Tips for a Happy Dog

Who doesn’t want to own a happy dog? The playful hugs and cuddles, snuggling and fun times along with the unconditional love are just everlasting. Make sure to keep your end of the deal as well. Ensuring that your pooch is safe and happy at all times is something you should always take into consideration. Here are a few tips for a cheerful canine –

Dog Happy

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  1. Regular Exercise

Although we are in the peak summer months, do not keep your dog cooped up indoors all day. Exercise is still a top priority for your dogs’ health. Dogs should be exercised at least twice a day.

  1. Regular vet visits

Always ensure your dog is vaccinated on time and taken for their regular check-up. Do not miss out on cues by your pet regarding any changes in behaviour and always keep track of any problem that might crop up, no matter how small.

  1. Happy Playtime Activities

Dogs do enjoy a great car ride as well as playing fetch. They also enjoy socializing and interacting with other dogs. Their toys should always be clean and free of small parts that can cause choking or injuries. Do make sure they get a healthy dose of enjoyable activities to keep mentally and emotionally fit.

  1. Good nutrition

Always ensure that your pet is content with its food whether homemade or store-bought. Look out for changes in energy levels, hair coat shine or gastrointestinal problems and consult with your vet if any problem arises. Dietary changes can help address these problems. Also, introduce new foods gradually into their diet.

  1. Personal Space

Once they are a part of your family, always make sure that your dog has their own area inside the house as well. Dogs are more content when they can mingle with the family rather than when kept secluded.

  1. Regular grooming

Daily brushing, fur combing and nail trimming should be always kept track of. Set up a calendar reminder if you have difficulty with these tasks.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will ensure a playful, well-rounded pooch. Do try and follow as many of these tips as you can for a happy dog!

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