Healthy Nails for Beautiful Fingers


The nails make the hands look more beautiful. Ladies and even men get complimented on the beauty of their fingers due to the quality of the nails. It is therefore disheartening to have nails that are frequently chapped, split, or broken. You have to pay more attention to the care of your nails and fingers if this is the case. Here are a few helpful tips:


  • Wear protective gloves while doing household chores. Soaps and cleaning products contain chemicals that are harsh on the nails. Excessive exposure of the nails to dishwashing or other cleaning activities is a major reason why the nails become brittle and dry.
  • Always moisturize the fingers and nails. Water dehydrates the nails so after washing the hands, make sure to use a hand moisturizer or hydrate the fingers and nails with shea butter, petroleum jelly, or any body oil.
  • Use nail polish. Nail polish is water resistant and helps to reduce moisture loss. Applying a cover of nail polish also protects the nails and adds to the beauty of the fingers.
  • Avoid biting the nails. Not only is chewing on your nails unhygienic, but it also destroys the nail’s structure and makes them look ugly. Nail biting can also lead to injuries or infections.



  • Properly file nails. Filing your nails in different directions will make the nails break or split. Properly file your nails in only one direction to prevent this. Do not file or trim nails when dry but instead do this after a shower when the nails are soft. Also, ensure the nails are well-rounded. Long, pointy nails tend to hook on things like clothes or hair and so keep breaking.


It is imperative to bear in mind that the nails are not tools and should not be used as such. Many of us have a habit of using our nails to do jobs like opening cans, peeling off a label, scratching stuff, or removing dirt. Refrain from doing this to keep the nails healthy and strong!.

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