Hawkeye Producer Addresses Young Avengers Rumors

Hawkeye producer, Trinh Tran, talked about Kate Bishop’s future and the potential Young Avengers spinoff.

Hawkeye, premiering on Disney plus on November 24, follows Hawkeye as he’s losing his hearing. While trying to be with his family for the holidays, he gets wrapped up in his past and meets Kate Bishop who eventually becomes Hawkeye in the comics.

Bishop also ends up leading the Young Avengers, a group of young heroes related to the original Avengers. Many have joined the group like Miles Morales, Iron Kid, Teen-Hulk, and Thor Jr.

In an interview with Inverse, Trinh Tran said:

“I love her character, and I think our biggest focus is making sure she comes off in the right way in this project. Then, we’ll see how it goes. I mean, if we land her in a great way and she’s well-perceived by everybody, who knows what the future can hold? She’s an amazing character. I really do think she shines in this story. And I hope everybody sees that as well.”

The Avengers are already passing torches down to the next generation with Yelena Belova, Sam Wilson, and Jane Foster. It’s time for Hawkeye to pass it as well.

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