Hawkeye and What It Means to Confront the Truth

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

“Hawkeye” is another installment of the Avengers series that Marvel has decided to do with its characters over the past year. 
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Clint Barton, with his hero name “Hawkeye”, is one of the six original Avengers and it was quite surprising to see him in the series lineup with Avengers like Wanda, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

However, it was explained that it is a great time to produce a series instead of a film like ‘Black Widow’. A series would do stories much greater justice at this point and I could not agree more.

See, Clint was never a favorite Avenger of mine. In the original six or even in the next lineups, he would always end up at the near bottom. There was just no connection with his character. I have always thought he was a tad bit arrogant for someone that barely does anything.

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I know, I know.

And I started watching the series because I only wanted to see Kate Bishop in action. But hey, am I glad to have watched the entire thing.

After Avengers: Endgame, we know that Clint has left trauma over the death of his best friend, Natasha, who sacrificed herself so that Clint could get the soul stone. He also became a killer-assassin goes by the name ‘Ronin’.

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Then after Black Widow, we also know that Yelena was going to go after Clint after someone told her that he was responsible for Natasha’s death.

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We get to see all of that in Hawkeye.

Kate Bishop starts off the series by shooting at a bell tower and ultimately destroying it. If that is not a way to introduce a character, I do not know what is.

Kate quickly became a favorite character. She is bold and relentless throughout the entire show, even when she confronts many facts of herself, her family and Clint. Her skills with a bow and arrow is also undeniable. Hailee Steinfeld was great at portraying Kate!

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And Kate’s friendship with Yelena? Absolutely a breath of fresh air and the best parts of the show.

Meanwhile, Clint confronts his Ronin identity and the way it could endanger his family. He also confronts the truth about what happened with Natasha, which apparently he never talks about. It is important to confront trauma to finally start processing it.

(And perhaps to also prove that you did not actually kill your best friend in order to save the entire universe as it might result in her assassin-sister to go after you. Just saying!)

With that, Yelena also confronts the truth about Natasha. She was in denial of the fact that Natasha sacrificed herself and only believed that Clint had killed her.

It has been known that in the hero line of work, things get messy and complicated. People deceive you, manipulate you and many more. There are some people left who stay true to themselves and I believe that this show is Clint’s journey to have a 22-year-old girl tell him who he is and what he could mean to the world.

At one point, Kate told Clint that she looked up to him because she saw him fight off aliens “with just a stick and string”—that he made her believe heroes do not have to have superpowers to be one.

That one moment honestly changed my perception of Clint.

Overall, this was a good series for the winter and holiday season. Whatever thoughts i have about Clint for the last few years is gone just like that!

Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+.

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