Have You Updated Your Chrome? Google Said Do It Now If You Have Not

Google has announced a new update for Chrome upon finding 25 bugs in the browser. They claimed 7 of them are potentially fatal threats that are classified into high safety risks. Google advised users of Chrome for desktop versions such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS to update their browser into the latest safe version as soon as possible to eliminate cybersecurity issues.

The latest update which is version 96.0.4664.45 has become available but may take a few weeks to reach every user. Google announce the update after receiving feedback from experts regarding the harmful bugs.

Forbes reported on Thursday (18/11/2021) that some users of Chrome 96 did complain about the browser acting unusual when they tried to visit huge platforms like Instagram, Discord, or Twitter.

Pictures, videos, and websites wouldn’t load properly and notifications like “something went wrong. Try reloading.” would also keep popping up for no clear reason.

Product Manager of Google, Craig Tumblison, promised that the company would keep supervising and taking users’ complaints to solve the problem.

Google claimed that they had done multiple things to fix the bug problem as fast as they could. Including disabling the new “embed” feature on Chrome 96, although not all users would have been affected.

One thing for sure is if you use Chrome 96 and still have not received the most updated version you may be subjected to the risk of cybersecurity crimes.

So what can you do?

You can check the status of your Chrome update through the help option located on the top right of the browser next to your profile picture. Then, click the “About Chrome” button.

If the update is already available, you can fin it on the same page. After updating, do not forget to restart your computer to activate the version.

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