Hannibal : Psychiatrist Also Cannibalistic Serial Killer

Hannibal (2013)

Will Graham, a criminal profiler with a unique ability, slowly sees his sanity taking a hit. The FBI advises him to see Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist who is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer.

Creator : Bryan Fuller
Genre : Psychological Thriller

Here are some viewpoints that make “Hannibal” worth watching.

1. The Plot

The series follows Hannibal Lecter. A brilliant forensic psychiatrist and gourmand, who is also secretly a cannibalistic serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper. He disguises himself as an ordinary man working in the FBI Behavioral Science Unit. Hannibal manipulates the FBI from within (and also everyone around him).

2. The Criminal Profiler, Will Graham

Will Graham is a gifted criminal profiler & hunter of serial killers. He works in the FBI. Will has a special gift, he is able to visualizes himself committing the murders as he investigates the crime scene. He understands the killers’ behaviors. Imagine knowing every single move made by the killer when they performed their crimes.

3. The Bond Between Will and Hannibal

The series explores the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, they have a bond that makes them difficult to separate. Lecter is fascinated by Graham’s ability to empathize with psychopathic murderers, and tries to push the boundaries of Graham’s fragile sanity in order to turn him into something else.

4. Completely Terrifying

This show isn’t for the faint hearted. It is filled with plenty of gory scenes. Plenty of dark elements, fantasy, imagery, and illusion. It often visualizes creatures to symbolize the killers. Prepare to see these kinds of scenes a lot. If you’re not used to seeing these things, then Hannibal is not for you.

5. The Supporting Character

With great 2 main characters; this series also has superb supporting actors as well. It includes Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford, head of Behavioral Sciences at the FBI. Also Gillian Anderson as Bedelia Du Maurier, who is Lecter’s psychotherapist. She’s speaking directly into the mind of Hannibal Lecter.

6. Culinary Sides

Hannibal Lecter loves to cook. He often invites guests to his house every time he committed a crime. The way he cooks is kind of artistic to watch. The way he serves his dish on a plate is classy too. It is equally good as Apple TV’s Servant. Do not watch this show if you are hungry, otherwise you will starve to death.

7. Perfect Cinematography

This series has one of the best cinematography ever. You will find a lot of artistic setup, slow mo scenes, and desaturated color. As if seeing some of Zack Snyder’s films. Plenty of tribal stuff too. You will be awed by its elegant visual, almost every scene is beautiful to see.

Hannibal TV series (source : The Atlantic).

Hannibal is an underrated series that deserves more recognition. It is a top quality original series from NBC. It is highly addictive with a high quality storyline too. Sadly NBC decided to end Dexter quicker than expected, It truly deserves more than three seasons.

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