Halo Adaptation Shows Chief’s Origin

Halo Series Adaptation’s is Coming.

Hey, I didn’t talk about this, but there’s a Halo live adaptation coming to Paramount+. A little teaser trailer already came out, but Paramount wants to show more.

Hollywood loves its adaptation these days. Halo is one of Xbox’s, if not its biggest, franchise that recently came to PC. It’s a shooter where you play as Master Chief to protect humanity at all costs. The show will be a 10-episode season with Pablo Schreiber playing Chief.

After the teaser, Paramount revealed the first look trailer at The Game Awards. It doesn’t give us much of the plot, but we know that Chief is protecting humanity from the dangers of the galaxy. Also, we see how far they’re going into the world. The show has a budget of $200 million, and the money is looking well-spent.

The outfits and aircrafts look gorgeous. The show will even bring new and old locations along with characters from the games. They also have the Spartan Squad that’s fully clad in armor.

However, just like every adaptation, fans are pointing out obvious changes. The show revealed that the daughter to Captain Keyes, a character from the game, grew up as an orphan raised by the Covenant, an alien race. This leads her to hate humans. They also brought up how exec Kiki Wolfkill will have a different take on Master Chief.

As someone who kind of grew up with Halo, the trailer gave me goosebumps a little. I don’t fully know of Halo’s story since I stopped before my brain could think about it. However, I know not to judge until the full thing is out. Trailers are a good way to show off and get people talking, but we need to wait to make a full judgement. Overall, it’s looking good.

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