Gunung sari the rose garden village

rose gardens in every corner with the mountain around.
Garden of rose. (source:

Gunung Sari is a village filled with lands full of rose garden. Almost every place, there are always flowers on sight, especially rose with its various types and color. Located higher than the center of Kota Batu; village of Gunung Sari is the largest supplier of roses throughout Indonesia.

Gunung Sari Village is one of the villages located in Bumiaji sub-district of Kota Batu. The village is superior in with a large scale potential development for flower cultivation; and has an area of ​​more than 60 hectares. The village of Gunung Sari is one of the largest roses supplier in Indonesia. Roses from the village Gunung Sari even been sent to various areas of the city in Indonesia such as Semarang, Jakarta, Bandung, and the island of Bali.

Gunung Sari’s attraction
Illustration of a group of women playing in the rose garden. (source: sabdanews).

While having a beautiful lands with the rose landscape everywhere, Gunung Sari offers a sensation of cool air, beautiful scenery and a stretch of rose gardens in every corner with the mountain around.

As the largest supplier of cutted rose throughout Indonesia, almost all of its people grow and do business with rose picking. The price of one rose is about 00,3 $ but in february, specially for valentine the price of one flower increase 3.00 $

Picking roses for vacation
Rose picker. (source: mongabay).

The hallmark and the mainstay of Gunung Sari, is Picking Roses Presto or Roses Without Thorns. Apart from it being thornless; these cutted roses are famous for their long and strong stems; making them suitable for decoration because they are durable.



several types of cut roses planted by farmers in this village
Rose cultivists. (source: malangvoice).

There are several types of cutted roses planted by farmers in this village. One of the famous rose is called Pergiwo pergiwati, which have dark red and pink colors. Holland roses, which come from various varieties including Cherry Brandy, Havalan, Luciana, Marbel, Red Holland and many more varieties that are being and will be developed.

Not just the largest roses supplier village, Gunung sari also has one of the most famous locations namely GUMUR (Gunung Sari Makmur); which offers Preto Roses or rose without thorns. For the price of admission to the tour of roses GUMUR rose is very cheap and affordable, because you just spend around Rp 10.000, – /visitor. If you want to try the sensation of picking your own roses directly then any roses picked will incur an additional charge of Rp 3.000, – /stalk. Surely you will get experience and new sensations when traveling to this location.

Rose picking activities in Kota Batu, Malang. (source:

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