GTA Mods You Should Get


Grand Theft Auto is an open-world action-adventure game that you can play solo or online with your friends, which is a fulfilling game where you can pretty much do anything from driving cars and ignoring traffic rules to flipping people off.


However, if you’ve completed all the main and side quests – it can get pretty boring. To help satiate your boredom, you can install some mods that allow you to have a wider range of vehicles, cosmetics, weapons, and much more!


Here are some GTA mods for you to make the game more fun!


Simple Zombies Mod by sollaholla

This changes GTA to a survival game where you have to survive through a horde of a zombie apocalypse. Remember to manage your food and resources well and build up your camp to recruit survivors!

Download here!


GTA Five: Apartment & Garage (SPA II) by I’m Not MentaL

Have your own apartment and garage in single-player mode to store your cool rides. You can watch TV and change your clothes in your apartment now!

Download here!


Ultimate Outfit Pack [Menyoo] by abstractmode

GTA Online character models often have a very limiting choice of outfits to choose from. Download this mod pack to customize your character with premade outfits with over 2,000 looks!

Download here!


Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership by I’m Not MentaL

If you’re not satisfied with the range of cars in GTA, this mod brings you a Car Dealership where you can add an unlimited choice of colors and even customize your plate number.

Download here!


Manual Transmission | Steering wheel support by ikt

Bored of driving automatically in GTA? Try this mod to drive your car in manual transmission with a working clutch.

Download here!

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