GTA 6 Leaked, Rockstar Games Pursues Original Leaker

After the implication of GTA Online’s end, GTA continues to trend; this time under less favored conditions. Gameplay footage of the next installment have somehow found its way to the internet, and while the topic of getting early access to GTA 6 became a laughing stock, the leaks seem to be legit; judging by how Take Two, Rockstar Games’ parent company, is taking down any exposure of said footage.


That should say enough on why this article has none of the material, as it is quickly spreading throughout many social media platforms as it is taken down. Given the nature of the internet, it may be easy to come across, sometimes without even having to search for it. Despite Take Two’s extensive efforts, there is doubt in the fact that sharing and spreading of the leaks could be ceased for good, and with how well content revolves around the web, there is no guarantee that the footage will be wiped out of public reach, with the availability of cloud storage and what not. Given the rapid actions of Take Two, some GTA V based Discord servers have taken precautions and have warned its members not to post any of the materials.

(Rockstar Games’ official response to the situation, confirming the leaks)



p class=”MsoNormal”>From all the available footage, it is safe to say that it is still work-in-progress, how close it is to the final product remains unknown. Speculations following the massive leak include the possibility of Rockstar canceling the game altogether, or delaying it for a significant period as to improve upon what is now known by the public. Regardless of what happens next, it does feel somewhat absurd to see actual videos and screenshots of the next installment, rather than clickbait videos of people claiming to have a copy and modded gameplay footage of GTA V.

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