Greet the Newest Sanrio Character, Adorozatorumary in their Pop Up Café!

Good news for Sanrio lovers, Adorozatorumary’s Pop Up Café just opened in Ikebukuro, Japan this Friday (29 April).


Adorozatorumary looks like an ordinary kitty but was made in the Sanrio Lab called SANRIOLABO, which hatched from a mysterious egg.


The navy-colored feline kitty has pretty eyelashes with a mole under its right cheek, wearing a lavish black collared bow with a light blue pendant in the middle and white fur around its neck.


Adorozatorumary’s slogan is “No two things are alike in this world. You should live the life you want to!”, implying their carefree attitude.




The Adorozatorumary Pop Up Café in Ikebukuro sold Adorozatorumary-themed food and drinks, along with Adorozatorumary products that are available to purchase.




Pop Up Café


The Pop Up Café will be opening from April 29 until May 15 in Ikebukuro, Japan. The café serves adorable food and drinks that follow Adorozatorumary’s color of blue and light blue.


Here are some food and drinks from the café!

Blue Rose Rice (1300 yen)
Chocolate Muffins (1200 yen)
Blue Jelly Yoghurt Drink (1000 yen)
Pink Soda Drink (850 yen)
Blue Lemonade (850 yen)


Upon buying one item from the menu, you can receive 1 free random paper coaster out of 5 pieces in total, and 1 free acrylic coaster out of 5 versions with a minimum purchase of 600 yen.


Adorozatorumary Merchandise

Other than food and drinks from the café, other Adorozatorumary products are available to purchase including an Acrylic Keychain, Clear Card Frame, Adorozatorumary stuffed plushie, and round mini towels, Adorozatorumary tote bag, and more!

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