Great English Covers by K-POP Idols

K-POP idols do not only do covers of other idols. A lot do songs from western artists. Here are some of our favorites!

Marry You (Bruno Mars) cover by IU

In 2014, IU did a cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ during the Melody Forest Camp concert. It has garnered over 8.1 Million views! This means that fans just can’t get enough of this. 

Grenade (Bruno Mars) cover by ASTRO’s ROCKY

Another Bruno Mars song, this time from ASTRO’s main dancer and rapper, Rocky. He has an absolutely beautiful voice with a great range. His high notes have always been very unique seeing that he is a known dancer and rapper. 

Into The Unknown (Frozen 2) Acapella cover by PENTAGON

This absolutely insane Acapella cover by Into The Unknown, with high notes from Hui and Jinho. It is a must-listen. Pentagon consists of extremely talented artists and this is just one of the proof! 

Don’t Stop Me Now (QUEEN) cover by GOT7 JB, WINNER Kang Seungyoon, SEVENTEEN DK, NCT Doyoung, Wanna One Kim Jaehwan

This special unit consisting of main vocalists from 5 groups did a cover of Queen and it was so great! 

Santa Tell Me (Ariana Grande) cover by TWICE’s Nayeon

Christmas has passed but this cover is always in season! 

Maniac (Conan Gray) cover by P1Harmony

The aesthetic? Their voices? This was insanely good and only one of the many things P1Harmony is capable of doing. 

Yellow (Coldplay) cover by The Rose

The Rose is very unique in terms of artistry and sound. This cover is just absolutely beautiful. Their cover of LANY’s ILYSB is also a great addition! 


These are only some of our picks. Tell us some covers in the comments below! 

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