Grab is Now Available on Nasdaq Stock Exchange

Grab is officially listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange with the involvement of its members, partner drivers, providers, and sellers. This event is also the first event held in Southeast Asia.

Grab’s co-founders Anthony Tan and Hui Ling Tan attended the first phase of their listing along with Grab drivers, agents of shipping partners, and trading partners. Partners are at the head of supporting community transportability, including the preparation and delivery of food and daily needs, especially during the pandemic.

Grab employees also attended the event, especially those with more than six years of service. They joined Grab’s new service after including riders in 30 cities and continue to contribute to its improvement until it evolves into a super app that can be used in 465 cities.

Around 1,500 Grab members of staff and affiliate community from Southeast Asia show up at the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, New York. Related parties beholden the Grab community for their outstanding accomplishment and continued cooperation so far.

“It’s important for us not to forget what lays the foundations of everything that has been built. The passion and hard work of Grabbers to serve our partners is in line with the dedication of our partners in serving customers. That’s why we chose to hold this ceremony at a location close to us. Here, in the midst of our community, sharing moments together towards a new chapter of the journey”. Anthony Tan said.

Best wishes also came from Grab affiliates who attended the first Grab registration ceremony.

One of them, Bonar Bangun Simanjuntak, a deaf friend of GrabBike, said, “By becoming a GrabBike driver partner, I hope to inspire other friends to join Grab and take advantage of technology. Hopefully Grab can grow to be bigger so that it can reach other disabled friends in Indonesia.”

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