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GOT7’s Legacy and What It Means To “Pull A GOT7”

This time in 2021, GOT7 made the courageous (and correct) decision to leave JYP Entertainment together. 

The 7 members of the group have been with each other for as long as they can remember and it was a right move for them to leave an environment that was not favoring them.

In the K-POP industry, it is common for groups to either leave or re-sign with their labels after 7 years of debut. There were also many cases where only some members leave to join other agencies but promising their groups would still ‘promote together as one’.

During the fiasco last year, many GOT7 fans were all thrilled to hear they would be leaving their old company. This was because it was a known fact that GOT7 were badly mistreated by their agency for many years.

There were also doubts if they were to stay together as a group. This was because all of them were to sign with different labels and that does not usually work. Unless they were to make their own company to promote as GOT7, 7 artists under different agencies promoting together could be a hassle.

This was even after GOT7 have continuously said they are not disbanded and even posted the same picture with the infamous hashtag #GOT7FOREVER


This hashtag still trends to this day whenever any GOT7 member interacts with each other, which is at least a few times a month.

GOT7 proved many people wrong when they dropped ‘Encore’. A song and music video that was produced small and at home. Even though the productions were 180 degrees from what they released under JYP Entertainment, ‘Encore’ served as a statement of promise to their fans.

It was also announced that GOT7 bought their own trademark so that they could continue promoting as ‘GOT7’ without any issues. ​​

Many K-POP fans saw what GOT7 was up to and wished for their idols to do the same, coining “pull a GOT7”. But what does that mean? What does it truly mean?

One Ahgase [GOT7 fan] made a thread explaining:

Solo endeavor & other achievements

Even looking now, the bond that GOT7 have is very special and not everyone can do what they have done. GOT7’s members’ solo endeavors have all been greatly successful in their own ways.

@GOT7CBinfo on Twitter made a thread of GOT7’s achievements in 2021. Although they were not active except after releasing ‘Encore’, the group’s achievements last year was absolutely mind-blowing.

Here are the examples:

Here is also a recap of everything GOT7 did in 2021 despite the group being on hiatus:

Citing Forbes: “While the circumstances are not easy, GOT7’s promise to their fans and one another has already trumped typical industry standards and is proving the group can pave a new road for K-pop groups.”

This proves that GOT7’s legacy is not to be messed with. Everything they have done speaks volumes about how influential they are in the K-POP industry so no, there will not be another GOT7 nor can anyone ‘pull a GOT7’.

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