GOT7’s KIM YUGYEOM Turns 24!

GOT7’s maknae and main dancer, Kim Yugyeom, turns 24 (25 in Korean age)!

Kim Yugyeom, better known as Yugyeom, is a South Korean singer who is currently under AOMG. He and the rest of GOT7 bandmates left JYP Entertainment earlier this year. 

On February 19th 2021, Yugyeom was officially announced as a new member of AOMG through a dance cover of Travis Scott’s “Franchise” and several social media support as well as posts from his new labelmates and Jay Park himself.

Last June, Yugyeom released his first EP under AOMG, “Point of View: U”, with a pre-release featuring Devita and a title track featuring GRAY. The title track “All Your Fault” received amazing reviews, had many achievements and, for six hours, stayed on the Genie charts roof. 

Prior to this, Yugyeom is the youngest idol to ever win Hit The Stage, with a double all-hit from the judging panel. He competed there against other idols such as Chung Ha, Block B’s U-Kwon, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, NCT’s TEN, and MONSTA X’s Shownu. Yugyeom received the nickname “Hit the Stage Yugyeom” because of this win. 

During GOT7’s active years under JYP Entertainment, Yugyeom also had a hand in writing and composing GOT7 songs. Songs such as “Thank You, Sorry”, “Crash & Burn” and “1 Degree“, which quickly became fan favourites. He also choreographed some performances, including “Crash & Burn“.

In 2019, Yugyeom also debuted with GOT7’s leader, Jaebeom, as a unit called “JUS2“. Yugyeom participated in writing three tracks off of JUS2’s debut EP, “Long Black”, “Love Talk” and their title track, “Focus on Me”


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Yugyeom’s friends, fans and people he has worked with knows him as a kind and gentle person. Today, he turns 24 years old!

Once the clock turned 12AM KST, fans trended two hashtags especially curated for Yugyeom’s birthday. His bandmate and best friend, Bambam, too, wished him a happy birthday on both his Twitter and Instagram. 


Right now, fans are speculating that Yugyeom is working on his second album, dubbed as “KYG2“. He is seen to always be practising in the studio, just like he did before his official solo debut. 

Make sure to stay tuned for what Yugyeom has in store for us and let’s all wish him a happy birthday! May you always be happy, healthy and successful, Kim Yugyeom!

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