GOT7’s JAY B: New Member of The Green Noble Club After Generous Donations to Youth In Need

GOT7’s JAY B (Lim Jaebeom) donates to Youth In Need. HE is the newest member of the Green Noble Club.

On December 7, the ‘Youth in Need’ announced that JAY B’s total donations had surpassed 100 million won, making him a member of ChildFund Korea’s Green Noble Club.

According to a source, “JAY B won their third ‘Thank You Letter’ contest in 2018 and was named an ambassador of ChildFund Korea. Since then, the star has consistently made donations to the organization and shown his support.”

After joining H1GHR MUSIC this year, JAY B has been actively donating to the organization. He does this with proceeds from his photography and clothing merchandise.

“The Green Noble Club consists of individuals who have donated at least 100 million won in total. It includes other idols such as TVXQ‘s Changmin, BTS‘s J-Hope, and Kim Yoo Jung. Earlier this year, Chungha, Kim So Yeon, and Lee Sang Woo, and BTS’s Jimin also became members.”

JAY B shared, “By gathering all the love from my fans, I was able to make such a big donation. Since I’m not donating alone but joining in on this donation with my fans, it’s that much more meaningful.”

JAY B said it again in his Instagram story later that day saying: “We did it together, so I hope you will be proud of yourselves.”

Lee Je Hoon, the president of ChildFund Korea, commented, “Donations from celebrities have a positive impact on society as well. We want to thank JAY B, who has a deep connection with the organization, for putting into practice his love for these children.”

JAY B has been donating to organizations in the past and has been aware of many things and spreads this awareness to his fans.


Not only is he the talented and handsome idol that we see but his heart is also very kind and his intentions are pure. Hopefully, many people are inspired by his acts of kindness and generously donate to many places if they are able.

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